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Adobe Photoshop Essentials Workflow (Beginner)

Included in the Essentials or Ultimate Workflow Subscription 12 Month Subscription  


Included in the Essentials or Ultimate Workflow Subscription

12 Month Subscription


Course Curriculum

Pre-course Notes - Beginner
Essentials Workflow: Pre-course Notes
Course Updated
Things you will need
Things you will need
Which Lightroom?
View in HD
Check your Junk :)
The Extras
Essentials Workflow - Quick look
Essentials Workflow – In Action!
0 Hours 33 minutes00:33
Beginner Example Photo Downloads
Essentials: Example Photo Downloads
How to Download the Example Photos
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Easy Way Photography Workflow Guide
Easy Way Photography Workflow Guide
Keyboard Shortcuts Print out
Workflow Step 1 - Essentials
Set up Your Lightroom Folders
0 Hours 16 minutes00:16
Import Photos – Adobe Lightroom
0 Hours 9 minutes00:09
Raw Pre-Processing – Adobe Lightroom
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05
Raw Noise Reduction and Sharpening
0 Hours 11 minutes00:11
Export to Photoshop – Adobe Lightroom
0 Hours 7 minutes00:07
Open Photos Direct into Photoshop
0 Hours 7 minutes00:07
Raw or Jpeg?
0 Hours 1 minutes00:01
Workflow Step 2 - Tools and Techniques
Customise Your Photoshop Workspace
0 Hours 9 minutes00:09
Customise your Tool Panel
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
Set Brush Types
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05
Undo History
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
Workflow Step 2 - Essentials
Easy Colour Correction
0 Hours 2 minutes00:02
Straighten Horizon
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
Easy Dust Removal
0 Hours 9 minutes00:09
Auto Curves
0 Hours 7 minutes00:07
Workflow Step 2: Essentials Walkthrough
0 Hours 7 minutes00:07
Workflow Step 2 - Challenges!
Challenge! Workspace
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Challenge! Crop: Straighten
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Challenge! Spot Healing: Dust Removal
0 Hours 7 minutes00:07
Challenge! Colour Correction: Neutralize
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
Workflow Step 3 - Tools and Techniques
Crop Tool
0 Hours 9 minutes00:09
Brush Tool
0 Hours 12 minutes00:12
Smooth Brush Technique
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05
Paint Outside the Lines
0 Hours 7 minutes00:07
Elements of the Layer Stack
0 Hours 14 minutes00:14
Introduction to Adjustment Layers and Masking
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
What is “Non Destructive Editing”?
0 Hours 8 minutes00:08
Workflow Step 3 - Essentials
Workflow Step 3 – Essentials Walkthrough
0 Hours 12 minutes00:12
Workflow Step 3 - Short Reference Videos
Basic Masking Technique
0 Hours 8 minutes00:08
Basic Curves Adjustment Layers
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05
Hue & Saturation: Saturation
0 Hours 4 minutes00:04
Workflow Step 3 - Challenges!
Challenge! Brush: Gradient
0 Hours 8 minutes00:08
Challenge! Basic Masking.
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Challenge! Saturation
0 Hours 4 minutes00:04
Workflow Step 4 - Essentials
Save your Files
0 Hours 9 minutes00:09
Workflow Step 5 - Tools and Techniques
Basic Image Re-sizing
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Basic Noise Reduction
0 Hours 8 minutes00:08
Basic Sharpening
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
Convert into sRGB for Web
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
workflow Step 5 - Essentials
Workflow Step 5: Essentials Walkthrough
0 Hours 8 minutes00:08
Complete Essentials Workflow
Essentials Workflow – Complete Walkthrough
0 Hours 27 minutes00:27
Bonus Content! - Visual Direction
Visual Direction – Reveal / Conceal
Visual Direction 2
0 Hours 9 minutes00:09
Upcoming Preview
What is Next ?!?!?!?!?!
0 Hours 8 minutes00:08

Course Reviews

  1. Kathy says:

    My Photoshop fear has gone!
    Thanks Adam for creating such a great beginner Essentials Course for Photoshop. I had always been fearful of Photoshop (or overwhelmed!) and had always stuck to Lightroom. Your tutorials were well suited to the beginner like myself and your easy and manageable size lessons made sure I was not overwhelmed. As the course continued, my excitement levels grew, knowing what I was going to be able to achieve with my photos with practice and persistence. Just signed up for the Ultimate Bundle as I can’t wait to get stuck into learning more. Thanks again!

  2. Joe Morelli says:

    Taught me many useful tricks.
    Been using Photoshop for a long time now and still learned some new tricks from Adam. Well Done.

  3. antaerial says:

    Essentials Workflow
    Thanks Adam great course easy to understand easy to follow along cheers

  4. tantigp3 says:

    Essentials Workflow
    Very well explained with easy to understand steps and revisions.

  5. Essentials Workshop
    thank you Adam for such an amazing well thought out course, with easy to understand steps and your in-depth explanations. It’s a great course.

  6. pawlutalhelu says:

    Essentials Photoshop
    Easy to understand and very helpfull ,great course , Thanks

  7. Russ says:

    Photoshop essentials
    Excellent course. Well thought out. Easy to follow along. Great instructor.

  8. Photoshop Essentials workflow beginner
    Brilliant course, I have not dare venture into Photoshop before this course. Now I feel brave enough. Would love some notes with it so I don’t spend as much time writing everything down to refer back to. But very easy to understand. Great job Adam, thank you

  9. Essentials Photoshop
    I loved it and learned so much. I have done a couple of other courses, but just couldn’t get my head around it! Feeling more confident now and ready for the next steps.
    Thank you thank you

  10. Photoshop Essentials
    Outstanding online training experience.

  11. Easy to Follow
    I loved doing this course, it’s increased my confidence in post processing enormously. Adam explains everything well and it just makes sense! I had previously done a small group photoshop workshop locally and promptly forgot 80% of what was taught to me on the day (despite having take home notes). For me this is hands-down a 100% better way to learn and retain. I can’t wait to do more of Adam’s courses.

  12. bmcowell says:

    This course has instantly given me more confidence on understanding the basics of post processing in photoshop

  13. Jacqui Knipe says:

    Photoshop Essentials
    A great course that taught lots of tricks and tips that can be easily used when post-processing photos. Very easy to understand and follow.

  14. flouwen says:

    Photoshop Essentials
    I have enjoyed this course very much. Although the essentials are taught, I am able to pimp all of my photograps. I give not 5 stars to the course, because I have followed all Adams posts, and a lot that is taught, I knew from that posts. 5 stars for Adam.

  15. Justin S says:

    Great intro to post-processing in Photoshop for photographers
    This is a great introduction to Photoshop for photographers, teaching an easy to follow and repeatable post-processing workflow.

  16. rodknight53 says:

    Photoshop Essentials
    Excellent introduction to Photoshop. Well presented, easy to understand workflow and will save and enormous amount of time and frustration learning by trial and error.

  17. Head & Shoulders Above !
    The mysteries of Photoshop have been explained. The Essentials Workflow Beginners Course is easy to follow, but best of all is the information is fully explained with complete honesty and in a way that is meant for photographers. Other courses try to be everything for everybody, and in doing so over complicate the instructions or not go deep enough into a certain part of the subject. Adam’s teaching style is a breathe of fresh air. I am looking forward to the next Easy Way Step, by taking the next course. I think I am here for the Ultimate Easy Way Ride.
    This course is Head and Shoulders Above any other that I have taken or looked at. Highly Recommended. Cheers

  18. wheresrikky says:

    Fantastic course!
    Adams way of teaching is easy to follow and understand. Having avoided Photoshop because that meant learning layers and masking, a whole new world! I now feel 100% comfortable tackling it. There is so much more leeway than Lightroom and Adam teaches you the basic principals that will make all your images pop. Well worth it…thanks Adam 🙂

  19. lindavdblg says:

    Easy to follow
    The short videos help with concentration and to remember the tasks and steps better than hour long videos.

  20. Liz Campbell says:

    Best yet!
    I’ve taken many Photoshop/Lightroom courses and have been disappointed in the retained knowledge after a short time.
    This course not only explains how, it explains why, which is often missing from other courses.
    Adam take the time to show each step in-depth, while explaining the rational behind it.
    I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wishing to improve their skills

  21. shihab.imam says:

    Joyful ride
    While I steered away from the complex world of photoshop, this course is the perfect guideline to fall in love and discover the true potential of this powerful tool. The course only picks the bits we need to know and progresses on such manner (need to know basis) which is the key for me to comprehend the steps easily. I feel more confident now in exploring my creative dive and the way I would be taking picture on field would be lot different from now on to cater my creative direction.

  22. dccowles1977 says:

    An Absolute Must
    This course is a must to get an understanding of how to take standard everyday images to great images and beyond, Very comprehensive easy to follow well thought through. Learn at own pace. A great reference toll at the end

  23. pumlauf says:

    Adam’s easy style of teaching is excellent. Tasks were repeated often,. we were shown as well as talked through each new task. At no time did I feel overwhelmed by the new experiences. I have learnt so much about layers and masks . Previously i only used basic editing and so as not utilizing the potential of Photoshop CC. Loved it.

  24. Very worthwhile
    This has taught me so many things (and made me cringe at what I used to do). Such a great building block for understanding how to work with your images to take them to that next level. The course is really well constructed, and takes you through slowly enough to make things easy to follow along. Looking forward to the next one along in the course.

  25. Liz Hubbert says:

    This course is brilliant. It has been just enough of a taste for me to improve my editing of my photos, but also a huge teaser…I am desperate to sign up to the next courses to learn everything else. Adam makes photoshop super easy to understand even for a complete beginner like me – although I did have a decent understanding of Lightroom first. The Easy-Way is excellent so far and I am looking forward to the next courses 🙂 Thanks Adam

  26. andrea says:

    Very Useful
    I have taken so many courses to boost my skills and thought the beginners course would not teach me anything new. I am glad I listened to my instinct and went through it anyway. The course is very clearly structured and easy to follow. Adam reveals a lot of information in a logical and understandable way. This has been the best course out of all the courses I have taken so far. All little confusions and uncertainties have now been fixed and I am ready to take my editing skills to the next level.

  27. The one course to rule them all
    I’ve been using Photoshop for a few years now. I’ve taught myself referring to a plethora of paid for and YouTube videos. I wish I found this course right at the beginning as it is all I would have needed to really use Photoshop effectively. Adam presents his courses with perfect pace, level of detail and relevance to what I need Photoshop for. If you are wanting to learn Photoshop for photography – especially landscapes, this is the only set of courses you need.

  28. Ian Campbell says:

    Great course
    I am very new to photography and never used light room or Photoshop before. I started by looking at different YouTube sites and was learning little bits but most were not fully explained. I found the easy way site by chance and took the beginner course and found it amazing. It started you from the very beginning and took you through step by step and was really well presented and easy to follow. I learned more in the first few videos than I ever did via YouTube videos. I found my photos getting better and better the more I went through the course. I have now completed the course with some great results . I would recommend this course to anyone no matter what ability you have. I only wish I could move onto the other courses but only cost factor stopping me as I’m a single parent in law enforcement so not able find the money but hopefully things change and I’ll be able to tell you all just how good it is

  29. Essentials Package:
    After the great workshop yesterday to get this training material was great. Yes I have already learnt some of the skills, but I have learned many new ones even at this starting point. I can’t wait to do the next two courses. Thank you Adam for sharing so much of your skill knowledge and passion.

  30. thanks for helping this beginner understand the basics
    this course really helped me thanks Adam – I can now do so much, even after just the basics course. And I am keen to get learning more – at my own pace, and being able to do the lesson over again if I am tired the first time (when I don’t remember things properly). THANKS +++++

  31. Awesome technique…easy way to get started with photoshop. Thanks

  32. Easy Essentials
    I have dabbled with a few courses but nothing else that I have tried compares. It really hit the spot for me. It actually simplified and brought together a lot of what I knew in a way that made it infinitely more usable. I loved the pace and the challenges. I feel it was in fact a real gift and I can’t wait to do the next one that I have just bought. I also love your photos Adam. Thankyou also to my friend who suggested “you might like to look at this’. She knows I prefer Photoshop and also that I have had a tendency to do things the hard way! What a blessing: Easyway!

  33. Unbelievably easy tutorials with outstanding results
    I loved every moment of learning photoshop via Adams super easy and outstanding lecturing ability.

    In the past I had found photoshop too daunting and a lot of the courses I’d previosly tried didn’t explain it well enough for a complete, raw beginner.
    I had absolutely no understanding of photoshop prior to this course and now I find my confidence is growing very quickly.

    Thank you Adam. I’ll certainly be wanting more out of my photography now so I think I
    L be upgrading to the next course too.

    Super course -can’t recommend highly enough.

  34. Truly an easy-way Essential Workflow
    This course has explained so many photoshop basics in such an easy way that using photoshop is a pleasure now (and not a necessary evil). Though I had learned Photoshop trial-and-error way, this course has made me understand the basics. Photoshop is going to be fun going forward. I like the pace of training. One of the best self-learning training I have come across.

  35. Essentials Workflow (Beginner)
    Thank you so much for putting this together. I’ve put of using most of PS because I am self taught. If you find a technique on Utube, there are 100 hundred different tutorials and filtering the good from bad is impossible. This easy to understand step by step process has left me hungry for more and I would highly recommend it to anyone (and will). I’m now going to pull funds from somewhere so I can continue. 5 Stars from me Sir.

  36. Essentials work flow
    This course has given me the confidence to hopefully reach the next level in my photography. Would recommend it to all who are starting to use photoshop.

  37. Kaye Venton says:

    Excellent Essential's Photoshop
    I have never used Photoshop prior to this workshop because it looked too complicated. Now I understand how it works and Adam’ s very easy to follow videos made it possible to understand how PS works and more importantly how the editing process can make my images better. Highly recommend this course.

  38. Excellent Content
    Very easy to understand with excellent video tutorials and content, highly recommended.

  39. Emma Xu says:

    So worth it
    I didn’t expect much when I started this course. But I have to say, this is totally a MIND-CHANGING course for me. It has changed the way I looked at the photography. This course is also so well organised, and Adam is so patient during his teaching. Feeling so fortunate on my way studying photography.

  40. Roz Tait says:

    Excellent introduction to PS. Very easy to understand processing workflow. Loved this course

  41. Glenn Crouch says:

    Worth doing regardless of your skill level
    I consider myself an intermediate level Ps user but I would encourage everyone to do this course, as it’s an excellent primer or refresher for those wanting to enhance or in my case revitalise their post processing workflow. Highly recommended.

  42. Sue Winsley says:

    Loved this course.. so much fun and learned so much! 🙂

  43. Patty Edge says:

    Fantastic Course!
    I have played with both Lightroom and Photoshop before and was hesitant about this course. It is well taught, very clear and the steps are easily reproduced. you don’t go away thinking “I have no idea how, or more importantly why, we did that” It reminds me of a recipe – you are given the basic recipe that will turn out a good result and then you tweak it to your liking because you have been taught what can and what shouldn’t be changed. I would recommend this course without reservation.

  44. Fran Solly says:

    Love it!!!
    I have been using Lightroom for landscape/seascape editing and have been frustrated at not being able to get the punch I wanted from my images. I am comfortable with Photoshop for portraits so when I found this course I jumped straight in and I have not been disappointed. Great course, well explained and delivers immediate results. Thank You.

  45. At last a 'workflow'
    So glad I came across Adam’s website as I was struggling trying to understand the basics of Photoshop. Things are starting to make sense. I like the fact that Adam has taken time to explain things instead of rushing through.

  46. Terry Boyd says:

    Excellent recap
    Despite having used Photoshop for a few years, I was largely self-taught (before I met Adam). So there have been a lot of gaps in my knowledge. For this reason I went right back to the start of the Essentials Workflow and have worked through the course. Yes, most of the techniques were familiar to me, but it was amazing how many little things I found myself making notes on or going back and practising. So beneficial!

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