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Are you looking for a powerful yet simple workflow for processing your landscape photos?

The Easy Way Photography Essentials workflow subscription will deliver exactly that. A step by step 5 stage Adobe Photoshop Workflow which is perfect for both beginners with little or no Photoshop knowledge or the more experienced users looking for a professional level workflow that will save time and produce consistently high-quality photographs.

We start at the very beginning and teach you all the relevant skills you need on the way to mastering your very own post-processing workflow.

A super efficient course that will have you on the path to creating your dream photos in no time at all.

35+ video tutorials, Course notes, Bonus content + downloadable example photos to follow along at home.

30 day Money Back Guarantee
I am so confident that you will love this course, if you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, contact me for a no-questions asked 100% refund of the purchase price.

Course Curriculum 

Step 1 – Raw Conversion and Correction

  • Importing your photos
  • Adobe Lightroom Essentials and Pre Processing

Step 2 – Photoshop Final Correction

  • Adobe Photoshop basic tools
  • Easy Dust Removal
  • Straighten Horizon
  • Easy Colour Correction
  • Auto Curves (Pro secret!)

Step 3 – Processing (adding the !!!!!)

  • Adobe Photoshop tools 2
  • Smooth Brush technique
  • Layers and Masking the easy way
  • Hue Saturation adjustments
  • The Light – Contrast – Colour workflow

Step 4 – File Saving

  • Fool proof file saving 

Step 5 – Output

  • Image re-sizing
  • Basic Noise reduction
  • Basic Sharpening
  • Convert Colour space for web viewing

Bonus Content

  • The power of Visual Direction!
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A complete start to finish, time saving, professional, step by step, easy to follow, Adobe Photoshop Workflow.

12 month subscription


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Is your time too precious to be wasting it on gimmick techniques that don’t deliver what they promise? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to learn Photoshop for photo editing? In no time at all you will learn how to Effortlessly Transform any ordinary photos into Extraordinary Photographic Masterpieces! Learn more.

Realise your full potential

It’s important to understand that it’s not the just the great techniques but also the way it’s taught. At Easy Way Photography we will teach you all the good stuff that will quickly improve your photos, without wasting your time by over complicating things, adding unnecessary gimmicks or talking in technical gibberish.

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Interested in getting some face time with a professional? Easy Way organises workshops across Australia run my Adam Williams himself. Learn Photoshop at a workshop near you. Adam Williams is an award winning landscape photographer. Learn more about his work.

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