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“This blew my mind” – Introducing Stephen Georgiou

I have felt a great sense of pride over the last few weeks, when reading the Success Stories that Easy Way students have been sending in.  Thank you to those of you who have had the courage to share your story with me!

As a teacher, there is no greater reward than to hear that my students have taken those tools and techniques and used them to overcome the obstacles, achieve their goals and find a greater passion and joy for the art of photography!


That’s enough about me – it’s time to introduce Stephen Georgiou and share his ‘Success Story’.


Stephen Georgiou

Looking back in time years ago,I received a gift for my birthday – a ticket to see Adam Williams in Sydney (Adams Workshop of Wizardry) given generously by my Mum.

This inspired me to get creative with my photography in Photoshop. So I kept on practicing and playing with techniques and pushing its limits to see what I could create!

Stephen lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney in NSW, Australia. A Christian man with a beautiful wife and 3 children, Stephen is an experienced tradesman and Staircase Installer who has built over 10,000 staircases in his career outside of photography. This is where Stephen obviously gets his eye for detail!


Stephen is currently injured with an injury to his right arm that happened while lifting at work. This accident happened 2 years ago now and he has suffered nerve damage after an operation, continually causing him pain every day.
While he was recovering at home, it gave him time to watch Adam Williams livestream during the weekdays in 2020.

“I learned some more of his techniques including “painting with pure golden sunlight”. This blew my mind!”

Stephen has now mastered the art of painting in light and shadows using masks and layering and as a member of the Blue Mountains Photography Group, he is continually encouraged to get out and take more photos and print them for a judge to critique on a regular basis.

Stephen has chosen to specialise in panoramic landscape photography, so all of his images are stitched together using Photomerge in Photoshop.


“Adam advised me to use a panoramic tripod head that I still use to this very day.”

Easy Way Photography has given me some additional skills to help me create and make my photography into a piece of Art that I can print and put on display on a wall in a gallery. My home is full of large framed panoramic images now and I’m hoping to do a solo exhibition one day soon.”

After 6 years of learning and working hard at building up his knowledge base, with continual explorations into the ‘great outdoors’ searching for light and moments to capture in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Stephens aim was to build his portfolio.

Recently winning the Image of the year in 2020 with his image “Wentworth Falls Jetty” at his local Blue Mountains Photography Group, Stephen also recently joined the AIPP as a general member and was humbled to receive a Semi-Finalist status in the Places category of the Silver Lining Awards 2021 with his image “Glen Davis Glory”. He was also the winner of the local Springwood Art Show in 2018, with a People’s choice award in 2019.

“Adams’ tips on winning photo competitions were valuable. Gaining skills in choosing the right image to showcase! It really helped!!”

“I encourage you to learn from Adam and join the Easy Way Photography community in celebrating the beauty of telling your own story.”

Please feel free to check out Stephen’s work





‘Three Sister’s Crest’

‘Glen Davis Glory’

Thank you so much to Stephen for sharing his inspirational ‘Success Story’. I hope that you enjoyed hearing about one of our fellow Easy Way Students, as much as I did! So proud of Stephen for showing such courage in entering photo competitions and sharing his beautiful images and thoughts with us! Keep up the beautiful panoramic work!

Sharing and celebrating success, teaches, inspires, challenges and motivates others to achieve similar goals and we would be excited to share your success story with fellow students at Easy Way Photography.

Perhaps you have succeeded in mastering sky replacements or created your first composite image. Or you have found the courage to enter your first competition.

If you feel that you have succeeded in any way and in doing so, would like to give others a great sense that they are not alone on their photographic journey, we would be excited to share your story.

Please provide a brief summary of your success story, to be considered for an interview to be featured on the Easy Way Photography Blog, Facebook Group, Instagram, Facebook business page and via email to Easy Way Photography subscribers.

Share your Success Story!

Please supply 2-4 images to support your story.

Image preparation

Measurement – 2000 pixels on the longest edge

Colour space – SRGB

File image format – JPEG

Please send your Success Story together with any questions you may have, by return email to

Take care,


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